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Dec 3, 2012 5:00pm EST
north to oakland. the difference between this and the 2002 strike is you had the entire west coast of the united states the ports shut down. this is the biggest port in the country and the third largest in the world. there are alternatives. of course, the fear for people running these ports is once you get used to going oakland or mexico it is like what do i need to go to l.a. for? >> jane wells joining us from the port of l.a. long beach. >> jane getting it done. kansas city that report mentioned railroads. this is the stock we mentioned a number of times and had a tremendous run up to 84 and pulled back and another run up to 84 and pulled back. we are in the midst of that now. if this trades back down to 74.5 and 75 that is the level to buy. >> they have more south lines. >> these guys are huge. that is definitely a great call. the other part is retailers. the impact on this will be talk about 1,000 cuts. these guys will probably feel this for six months. this is what you saw from the strike of 2002. throughout the chain it's going to happen. >>> coming up next the trades you sho
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm EST
bloom boxes in california. like, fedex. we were at their hub in oakland the day bloom installed their boxes, each one costing $700,000 to $800,000. one reason the companies have signed is that in california, 20% of the cost is subsidized by the state, and there's a 30% federal tax break because it's a green technology. in other words, the price is cut in half. >> we have fedex. we have wal-mart. >> you have wal-mart? >> absolutely. >> staples? >> staples. >> so who was the first? >> google was the very first company. >> google was the first. >> yes. >> these four units have been powering a google data center for 18 months. they use natural gas, but half as much as would be required for a traditional power plant. k.r. told us that three weeks in at google, suddenly, one of the boxes just stopped. >> your heart just drops. >> did you panic? >> for a short while, yes. >> he fixed that. then there was another incident. >> the air filters clog up, and air is not coming into the system because the highway is kicking dirt. you just flip the system around, and the problem is gone. >> an
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
and had his 30th touchdown pass of the season on games opening drive. the broncos handing oakland its sixth straight loss, 26-13. and in college shorts news, the awards last night, national quarterback award went to johnny manziel. the first freshman to win this award. johnny football. >> 500 more yards than cam newton, i think. >> the jim thorp award went to jonathan banks of mississippi state. nation's top receiver, marcus lee of usc.winner of the hoe depot coach of the year is notre dame's brian kelly. kelly and his fighting irish will meet the crimson tide in the bcs national championship game. the maxwell award is given to the nation's best all-around player and the nominees for this trophy are the same three vying for the heisman trophy this weekend. manti te'o is the first defensive winner since 1980. heisman is handed out saturday night in new york city. in the running, collin klein, johnny ma johnny manziel and manti te'o. >> coming up, it's jobs friday. people know that. so that means time for predictions from our guest hosts. but first, the world's largest cut stone on disp
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am EST
easygoing. we'll be seeing the heavy rain in places like san francisco. oakland could have some backupes and perhaps some in portland and seattle. back to you guys. >> all right, reynolds wolf. got it. >> you know, you don't lose anybody if you go wolf reynolds. we have said that. >> reynolds, he also has carl. he wants him to be carl quinn. >> you do, really? >> you hear tr people who don't do it on purpose, though, reynolds. that's the thing. you're in on it. we're all in on this together. anyway, congratulations on still being here, reynolds, and maybe we'll see you next week. >>> coming up, why share of blackberry birmingham rim popped and dropped after the bell. i'm thinking also, becky, they will buy me an iphone here. now i'm thinking i go with this new thing, this new -- >> the blackberry 10? >> yeah. all i use it for -- i don't know how to do the stuff you're supposed to do, anyway. >>> plus, speaker boehner -- >> you can get your mail on your blackberry and your ipad. >> failure to win the support in the house left congressmen from each side of the aisle with a compromise deal
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4